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Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia
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DeutschlandMaster FH
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I am from Madrid, with a well qualified for Spanish teacher position, possessing Master of Intercultural Education, Diploma in Primary School Teacher, and ELE Degree (Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language).
Meine Erfahrungen als Nachhilfelehrer: 
Mother Tongue Spanish teacher. My experiences as a Primary school Teacher, tutor, and Spanish Language and Culture Assistant, have afforded me the opportunity to interact with diverse student populations and engage them in learning. I was travelling around the world looking for improve my profession. For that, I was working as a volunteer teacher´s assistant in a local public school in Santiago de Chile where I had the opportunity to help children with family problems. This experience changed me. One year later, I was working as a Spanish Language and Culture Assistant in Bristol Bilingual Primary School. At that time I decided to specialize in being a Spanish teacher, for that, I started the Master of Intercultural Education and ELE degree. These qualifications make me a professional for bilingual kindergarten, international primary school and language school for adults. The last three years, I was working in a local public School in Madrid. At the same time, I was studying and creating new educational projects. This September I finished my Master, and I decided to move to Germany with my family for open my professional career. Since September I am studying very hard German language.
Mother Tongue Spanish teacher. I am passionate about preparing students for the globalized world that they will undoubtedly face as they grow to be adults. My lessons utilize any and all technology that is available, giving my students an education in common technological uses including professional writing and presentations, internet research, and proper communication. I usually use different activities for teaching and practicing Spanish grammar, vocabulary, sentences, listening and pronunciation skills. These activities are generally aimed at younger learners but the same principles apply for all ages. When teaching any age group and any class size it is worth keeping in mind the different learner types. Activities that will engage those different learner types will help them to learn better.


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Múnich, Alemania